How pharmacogenomics test can make prescriptions more precise?

Pharmacogenomics test combines the technology in pharmacology and genomics. It analyses our DNA to predict how we may respond to most medications. This is the study called gene-drug interactions, the relationship between genetic variations in human genomic sequences and how body responds to medications. As the efficacy and toxicity of therapeutic drugs vary substantially across individuals. Pharmacogenomics test determines a patient’s genetic makeup with a high throughput screening technology and to tailor prescribe a treatment based on individual drug metabolism. This is a therapeutic approach in which clinician use your test results to determine which medical treatments will work best for you. This test combines the data from the test with your medical history, environmental status, your clinician can precisely prescribe a best treatment and provide prevention plans named personalised medicine.

For example, the enzyme CYP2D6 is a class of drug-metabolizing enzymes found in the liver and act in metabolising most prescription drugs. The gene that codes for this enzyme was found varies among different race of people and different variant in the gene may cause different metabolism rate. Like Oceanian, their metabolism rate is much more rapid than East Asian.  Thus, East Asian may be prescribed with lower drug dose. By referring to this, a tailored East Asian DNA information analysing platform can provide a more precise treatment just for East Asian patients.

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