CoGenesis® BRCA Screening

Redeem FREE CoGenesis® BRCA1/2 test (listed price: HKD$3,100) if you have purchased “ZA Cancer Protection” with sum insured of HK$1 Million or above.
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CoGenesis® Screening for Breast Cancer

Every year, over 4,500 breast cancer patients are diagnoised in Hong Kong. One in 10 is linked to genetic mutations. Among them, BRCA1 & BRCA2 are major risk factors. CoGenesis® BRCA Screening will give you insights on these genes.

What you will know from the genetic testing report?

You will receive a 5-page genetic testing report after we finish the genetic testing. Number of disease-causing variants detected in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes will be stated in the genetic testing result summary. You may also understand your lifetime risk and 10-year risk of breast cancer from the breast cancer risk score.

Genetic testing report for medical professionals

There are detailed genetic testing results for medical professionals start from page 2 of the report. We suggest to you invite medical professional or family doctor to read this part of the report.
If you have a family history of breast cancer, you should start breast cancer screening as early as possible to minimize your risks.
Prompt intervention may provide better quality of life and longer survival.*
*Sigal B. et al, Cancer Epidemiol. Biomark. Prev., 2012" & "Müller D et al., Health Economics in Prevention and Care, 2017
Provide proactive cancer risk estimation and facilitate diagnosis.

CoGenesis® Cancer

Decoding cancer

Our technology provides insights into the causes of individual tumours and identifies high-risk hereditary mutations.
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How codex will use the genetic data?

Codex is committed to provide genetic testing to patients to help you make informed decisions on your health. Your genetic information will be generated and stored on our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), ISO 27018/ ISO 27001 compliant security platform, to protect the privacy of your genetic and clinical information. All clinical information we hold about you will be encrypted. The data is continuously monitored internally with no access from 3rd parties without your consent.

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