CoGenesis™ Drug Response

What is a CoGenesis™ – Drug response test?

The differences in genetic makeup between individuals can determine the ability to absorb, metabolise and respond to drugs, which ultimately control their effectiveness and side effects. Pharmacogenomics uses information on a person's genetic makeup to choose the right drugs and the right dose that may work best for a particular person. Codex's pharmacogenomics platform helps inform treatment options and predict patients' response to drugs. Codex provides clinically actionable genetic test that targets drugs with validated pharmacogenomic information.

Consider Alternative Medications
Consider a Higher Dose
Consider a Lower Dose
Normal Response

Benefit of using CoGenesis™ – Drug response

  • Optimize drug effectiveness. For example: 1 out of 4 pharmacological tests reveal potential clinical actional outcome [1]
  • Personalize the drug dosage. For example: Poor CYP2C19 metabolizers undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for acute coronary syndromes, ticagrelor or prasugrel should be considered as an alternative to clopidogrel [2]
  • Reduce medication adverse effects.
More effective medications
Personalised treatment
Fewer side effects
Reduced medication cost

How does CoGenesis™ – Drug response inform medical treatment?

Traditionally, drugs on the market are designed with the “one-size-fits-all” philosophy. However, due to genetic differences, we may respond differently to the same drug.

CoGenesis™ – Drug response test helps optimize the right drug and the right dose, based on how your body responds to drugs. Proper selection of drugs can shorten recovery time and reduce potential side effects.

Traditional approach
Clinical symptoms
same empirical therapy
Current approach
Clinical symptoms
Genetic analysis
Personalised therapy

Who should consider CoGenesis™ – Drug response?

  • Patients who failed in at least one medication and taking a sub-optimal medications
  • Patients who is taking multiple medications and would like to avoid adverse drug-drug interaction and the potential side effects
  • Patients who are looking for more precise medication suggestions

How to order the drug-gene test for myself or my family?

Step 1

Order the kit HERE.

Step 2

Once the order confirmed, we will ship the saliva collection kit with instruction details to you within 2 days.

Step 3

Register the saliva collection tube barcode online and provide us your saliva by following the simple instructions manual.

Step 4

Mail your kit back to us for DNA analysis. Your DNA information is analyzed by our panel tailored for different ethnicities.

Step 5

You will be notified to receive your results (on Codex Genetics webpage or mobile application) in approximately a month.


[1] Luzum JA, Pakyz RE, Elsey AR, et al; Pharmacogenomics Research Network Translational Pharmacogenetics Program. The Pharmacogenomics Research Network Translational Pharmacogenetics Program: outcomes and metrics of pharmacogenetic implementations across diverse healthcare systems. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2017;102(3):502-510.

[2] Holmes MV, et al. CYP2C19 genotype, clopidogrel metabolism, platelet function, and cardiovascular events. JAMA. 2011;306(24):2704–2714.