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Approach your diagnosis with confidence, understand your hereditary risk factors and optimise your recovery.

You’re not alone

Affecting 1 in 20 people, there are more than 6,000 recognised rare diseases in the world. Over 5 million people live with cancer in China. These diagnoses may be complex, but our technology can provide you with clarity and a path forward.

Make every minute count

When faced with cancer or a rare disease, time is a precious resource. We offer revolutionary tools that reveal accurate genetic data faster and more cost-effectively than conventional methods.

Trusted by professionals

We continue to partner with respected diagnostic laboratories, hospitals and doctors across Hong Kong and China, and have a proven track-record of providing solutions for patients.

How it works
We extract your DNA from a saliva sample and analyse it to identify specific and unique disease-causing variants. From there, we can better understand how a rare disease affects you uniquely and create a targeted treatment plan. We can also assess how your genetic makeup may affect your response to certain medications.

CoGenesis® Cancer

Uncovering the cause of cancer

CoGenesis® Cancer is an all -in -one genetic test that can help identify genetic mutations associated with 17 types of cancer. Delivering rapid results, a cost-effective solution, enhanced patient privacy and a Chinese -centric genomics database, CoGenesis® Cancer allows cancer patients, or those at risk of hereditary cancers, to access tailored therapies and reduce recovery times.
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CoGenesis® Neuro

Removing barriers to neuro-degenerative disease diagnosis

Combined with next-generation sequencing, the CoGenesis® Neuro panel helps to refine diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions, providing an accurate profile within just six weeks.
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CoGenesis® Drug Response

More precise medication based on pharmacogenomics

Due to our genetic differences, each of us responds differently to the same drug. The CoGenesis® Drug Response Test helps find effective medication and the optimal dosage for you as an individual.
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Targeted cancer therapy can improve overall lung cancer survival rates up to 8 times.

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