CoGenesis™ Neuro

What is CoGenesis™ Neuro

CoGenesis™ Neuro test is targeted genetic screening test for hereditary neurodegenerative diseases.

CoGenesis™ Neuro is designed to screen 462 neuro-related genes that associate with 199 neurodegenerative diseases. The genetic testing of neurodegenerative diseases is highly challenging due to genotype heterogeneity and overlapping clinical manifestations. Therefore, it is challenging to determine the exact disease based on clinical features only. The CoGenesisTM Neuro panel, coupled with next-generation sequencing, profiles the genetic variations in a large repertoire of neuro-related genes, which helps refine the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. The test provides an accurate genetic variation profile with results within 6 weeks.

To improve and clarify the inheritance pattern of candidate results, it is recommended to also screen the parents of the affected patient.

Benefits on CoGenesis™ Neuro

  • Reinforcing clinical diagnosis: A custom-designed targeted gene panel that covers 199 neurodegenerative diseases through 462 neuro-related disease genes
  • Delivering early and accurate diagnosis
  • Planning for appropriate clinically actionable items

Who should consider CoGenesis™ Neuro test?

  • Person with family history of neuro-related diseases yet with negative standard care workup
  • Patients with developmental delay, seizures, muscle weakness or gait abnormalities of unknown etiology
  • Worsening of conditions despite conventional care
  • Confirming neurological syndromic diseases with genetical causes

Rare disease is not uncommon

  • Rare disease is defined as in 5 cases among 100,000 people.
  • There are over 6000 recognized rare diseases which all of these recognized rare diseases are affecting 1 in 20 people.

How to order the test?

CoGenesis™ Neuro is available from our partner’s clinics. Please contact us for more information.