CoGenesis® Cancer
Decoding cancer
Our technology offers insights into the causes of tumours and identifies mutations associated with high-risk hereditary cancers. Together with clinicians, we use a robust pharmacogenomics database to harness the information needed for accurate diagnosis in just two weeks. This allows for tailored and targeted therapy and immunotherapy suggestions, reducing potential side effects and shortening recovery time.
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About CoGenesis® Cancer

Thousands can benefit

Our testing is designed for cancer patients who are not responding to conventional cancer therapies and patients looking for personalised therapies based on their genetic profiles. We provide the information needed about the molecular subtypes of a patient’s tumour.

Changing our understanding

Traditionally, cancers have been classified by the location of tumours within the body, with underlying DNA mutations overlooked. Research shows that the same set of DNA mutations can cause multiple cancer types, and when these are identified, more effective treatments can be selected based on an individual’s genetic profile.
Comprehensive DNA & RNA sequencing of


cancer-related genes
Screening for


cancer types in a Chinese-centric genomics database
Covering up to


FDA-approved or experimental targeted therapies

The process


A tumour or a blood biopsy sample is taken.


The sample then undergoes targeted next-generation sequencing.


Mutations are identified and confirmed by complementary technologies.


Evidence-based targeted treatments are recommended.

CoGenesis® testing for inherited breast cancer

Every year, over 4,500 breast cancer patients are diagnosed in Hong Kong. One in ten cases are linked to genetic mutations. Among these mutations, BRCA1 & BRCA2 are major risk factors.
While a BRCA test reveals if someone has this mutation, it does not mean that they have breast cancer. A BRCA mutation indicates that their risk of developing breast cancer is ten times higher than the general population. The good news is that effective preventative measures can be taken to reduce this risk.
If you have a family history of cancer, you should start breast cancer screening as soon as possible to minimise your risks.
There are currently over 3,000 BRCA1/2 mutations known to increase cancer risk.
CoGenesis® Cancer BRCA test covers 2,577 of the most significant mutations.

The process


Order and
receive a saliva
collection kit.


Take a sample,
then register
the sample tube
online using the


Mail the
collection kit
back to Codex
laboratory for


Results are
shared securely
on the Codex
website within
4 weeks from
receipt of

Genetic testing should be made available to all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Manahan, E. et al. Annals of Surgical Oncology, 26, 10 (2019)

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