CoGenesis® Drug Response
Optimising medication
Our genetic makeup affects how we absorb, metabolise or respond to drugs. This test delivers a comprehensive report in just 2–4 weeks, helping to determine the dosage and drug type that will work best for an individual.
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About CoGenesis® Drug Response

Who should consider testing

  • Patients who are not responding to prescribed medications.
  • Patients who want to avoid adverse interactions between different drugs.
  • Patients who are looking for different medications.

Empowered by pharmacogenomics

Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach to prescribing medication, pharmacogenomics uses information about an individual’s genetic makeup to identify effective medications for them.


pharmacogenomics-related genes
Provides recommendations for


neurological, psychiatric, cardiological and haematological medications
At least


of patients can benefit from actionable outcomes

From diabetes to depression

Genetic screening can be hugely beneficial when it comes to treating a range of conditions requiring medication, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even depression.

Find what works

We are all genetically different. These differences can explain our susceptibility to disease, and also how we respond to medication.

The process


Order and receive a saliva collection kit.


Take a sample, and then register the sample tube online using its barcode.


Mail the collection kit back to the Codex laboratory.


Results are shared securely on the Codex website in approximately one month from receipt of sample.

Case Study

Another medicine with a different metabolic route

It is possible to personalise a drug to avoid known side effects. For example, patients with a SLCO1B1 gene mutation taking simvastatin are more likely to suffer from muscle weakness. They can undergo genetic testing to optimise their prescription plan, either by lowering the dose or receiving a different statin.

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