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CoGenesis® Bioinformatics

This cloud-based analytics service combines genetic testing with clinical and radiological data to deliver actionable clinical insights. It integrates research, pharmacogenomics databases and more, in a dashboard that lets you explore the features of neurodegenerative diseases and cancers.

Enhancing care through innovation

Our revolutionary diagnostic tools analyse genetic data to reveal accurate findings and are faster and more cost-effective than conventional methods. We currently partner with a number of research hospitals in Hong Kong.

CoGenesis® Cancer

Uncovering the cause of cancer

CoGenesis® Cancer is an all-in-one genetic test that can help identify genetic mutations associated with 17 types of cancer. Delivering rapid results, a cost-effective solution, enhanced patient privacy and a Chinese-centric genomics database, CoGenesis® Cancer allows cancer patients, or those at risk of hereditary cancers, to access tailored therapies and reduce recovery times.
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CoGenesis® Neuro

Navigating neurodegenerative disease

Combined with next-generation sequencing, the CoGenesis® Neuro panel screens for 199 conditions, helping to refine diagnosis for neurodegenerative conditions, and providing an accurate profile within just six weeks.
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CoGenesis® Drug Response

Identifying the right dosage and drugs

Genetic makeup can determine how we absorb, metabolise and respond to different drugs, which impacts their effectiveness. The CoGenesis® Drug Response Test uses pharmacogenomics to analyse genetics and determine what medication and dosage is most effective for a patient.
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Trusted by professionals

To ensure the accuracy and efficiency of our
testing, we performed internal screening tests for over 200 cancer samples — all in under a month. The schedule was tight, but the rewards were great. The analysis demonstrated our capabilities and enabled us to partner with
leading institutions to help deliver better care to cancer patients.
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