Codex aims to

Drastically reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of NMD screening

Increase the treatment-seeking rate through our AI service bot

Collaborate between medical doctors and researchers

Sample preparation and sequencing

Your DNA is extracted from the submitted saliva or tissue sample. The clinically relevant coding and noncoding regions of the DNA will be captured using our proprietary CoGenesisTM panels, followed by next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis of the captured DNA on the Illumina® sequencing platform.

Disease-causing variants related to patient’s presentation will be characterized and reported.

Advanced data analytics

Codex’s bioinformatics platform integrates demographic, genetic and clinical data to improve the accuracy of genotyping, the ranking of diagnosis, and the prioritization of treatment strategies. Our proprietary ethnic-optimised bioinformatics database makes the reported results clinically relevant to the local context. Expert feedbacks from third-party institutions are integrated to improve the accuracy of reported findings.

Together with our advanced hybrid cloud-based infrastructure, analytics engine and visualization platform, we are able to turbo-charge any diagnostic laboratory or hospital that are NGS-ready.

Privacy and data management

Codex’s bioinformatics platform follows the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines, including the security provisions to protect the privacy of protected health information, such as diagnosis data, clinical data, and lab results. All you data are carefully monitored and not accessible to anyone except those who have a verified business. Data are encrypted while in storage and during transfer on any network.