CoGenesis® Bioinformatics

One size doesn’t fit all

CoGenesis® Bioinformatics is a data -driven, customizable platform analyses and helps diagnosing and treating cancer and rare diseases. It creates a valuable ecosystem for medical professionals.

Helping to improve patient outcomes

We help people with a family history of inherited diseases to understand more about their genetic risks and potential treatments.

A boost to clinical research

People with rare neurological diseases can spend up to 10 years seeking a definitive diagnosis. Genetic testing helps shortening this period and lower the costs.

Designed for human data

Our database brings together all clinical trial data in one platform, allowing for end-to-end analysis. The advanced hybrid cloud-based system upholds industry -leading privacy standards.

How it works

A truly tailored solution

At a glance


Data in

Genetic, clinical and
demographic data.



Comprehensive and
accurate profiling and
AI-assisted matching of
genomic variants.



Revelation of
biomarkers, effective
patient stratification,
matching of
treatments and trials.

Public hospitals in Hong Kong

CoGenesis® Bioinformatics is a hybrid cloud solution. With the help of scalable cloud technologies, the computation time and query performance of complex biological queries improves by 70%. Sensitive clinical data is protected using secure on-premise servers.

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