CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试

什麽是CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试?

CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试针对肿瘤组织进行准确的分子分析。 通过使用新一代基因图谱排序 (NGS),CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试可检测癌症基因的异常,这些癌症基因是诱发癌症的原因。因此, 我们积极开发药物基因组学数据库,让CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试分析为你寻找诱发癌症的变异基因,也协助医生能够为癌症患者提供精准个人化的临床诊治。

为什麽我们建议CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试?

CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试平台为癌症患者提供快速临床诊断结果。

CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试的好处

  • 提供定制的标靶治疗和免疫治疗建议
  • 减少潜在的副作用,缩短恢复时间
  • 确认肿瘤基因,以便更准确地进行临床诊断

谁应该考虑CoGenesis™ 癌症基因测试?

  • 正在考虑标靶治疗或免疫疗法的患者
  • 对常规癌症疗法效果不明显的患者
  • 临床医生要求对肿瘤基因进行分析以便提供精准治疗



  • CRC: pembrolizumab reported to have 72% 2-year overall survival in adults with treatment refractory metastatic mismatch repair-deficient colorectal cancer [1]
  • Lung cancer: first-line treatment with EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors is associated with improved progression free survival compared to platinum-based doublet chemotherapy in adults with EGFR mutation and stage IIIB-IV non-small cell lung cancer [2]. ROS1 gene must be performed in all lung adenocarcinoma. BRAF, RET, HER2, KRAS, MET should be tested if routine EGFR, ALK, and ROS1 testing are negative [3].
  • Breast cancer: Genetic testing should be made available to all newly diagnosed breast cancer patient. Testing should not be limited to BRCA1/2 [4]




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