The human story,
as told by our genomes

Behind every genome is a patient’s story. At Codex, we use the power of genomic sequencing to help people understand, manage, and treat diseases.

Meet our founding team

The Codex Genetics founding members met during a research collaboration in 2008. It would be an encounter that would expedite their journey into deciphering human diseases. With world-class scientific and engineering training at Oxford, UCSF, WashU and CUHK, our founders channel their knowledge and experiences into managing and curing diseases.


To push the boundaries of healthcare and to provide broad access to genomic technologies for those in need.


Our mission is to digitise healthcare management in Asia, and to accelerate diagnostic, treatment and management processes through our integrated CoGenesis® assays and platforms.

Meet our team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Aldrin Yim

MPhil in Biochemistry (CUHK)
PhDc in Computational and System Biology (WashU)

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Allen Yu

PhD in Biochemistry (CUHK)
MSc in Computer Science (Oxford)

Founder & Chief Laboratory Officer
Marco Li

PhD in Biochemistry (CUHK)
BSc. (Hons), MBChB(CUHK)

Legal Advisor
S.K. Wong
Chief Scientific Advisor
Prof. Ting-Fung Chan
Marketing Director
Susanna Lau
Scientific Advisor
Prof. Edwin Chan
Finance Consultant
Wong Wai
Nana Jin
Medical Laboratory Technician
Trevor Kan
Laboratory Technician
Elaine Tang
Cloud Solution Architect
Dante Tsang
Software Engineer
Terence Chan
Software Engineer
Steven Tse
Marketing Executive
Chloe Or

Contact Us

Unit 220, 2/F, Building 16W, No. 16 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

Email :
[email protected]

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