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Congenital Cardiovascular Disease

Congenital cardiovascular diseases can be inherited in autosomal dominant inheritance, autosomal recessive inheritance, X-linked dominant, and X-linked recessive.
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If you have a close relative with congenital heart disease, your risk of having congenital heart disease is 3 times higher than the general population.

Stanford Children's Health. Factors that may lead to a congenital heart defect.

Why CoGenesis® CVD?

  • Assist in the diagnosis of symptomatic or asymptomatic congenital cardiovascular disease
  • Identify family members who also carry a congenital cardiovascular disease
  • Explore treatment options and prevent serious medical conditions

An Excerpt of Disease

Disease involving in structure:
Disease involving in heart vessels:
Disease involving in blood vessels:

The process


Order and receive a saliva collection kit.


Register the sample collection tube barcode online, then take a sample.


Mail the kit back to the Codex’s laboratory for analysis.


Results are shared securely on the Codex website within six weeks from receipt of sample.

41% of sudden cardiac deaths caused by congenital heart disease (CHD) were not diagnosed with CHD before death. Many of these cases would have been treatable or curable.

American Heart Association, Inc. Circulation: and Electrophysiology. Nationwide Study of Sudden Cardiac Death in People with Congenital Heart Defects Aged 0 to 35 years.

A high accuracy standard

Steps Accuracy
DNA sequencing 99.9%
Variant calling – SNP >99%*#
Variant calling – Indel >99%*#

* Passed GenQA/UK NEQAS external quality assurance

# The interpretation of sequencing variants is based on the current understanding of the variants at the time it was observed, which may change over time as more information about the genes becomes available. Not all variants are represented in this report.

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