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Rare diseases affect an average of 1 in 20 people, with upwards of 6,000 recognized types across the world. Over 5 million people live with cancer in China. These diagnoses may be complex, but our technology can provide you with clarity and a path forward. Our products will provide the support you need to approach your diagnosis with confidence, understand your hereditary risk factors, and optimize your medical journey.

How It Works

When faced with possible cancer or a rare disease, time is a precious resource. Our platform, supported by CoGenesis® Bioinformatics, offers revolutionary tools that reveal accurate genetic data faster and more cost-effectively than conventional methods. Our genetic tests are minimally invasive: once a saliva sample is sent in, our scientists will extract the DNA, analyze it to identify specific and unique disease-causing variants, and provide reliable results with actionable solutions in just 6 weeks. This allows individuals to be well-prepared in the case of any life-changing diagnoses, setting up medical and family plans accordingly.


Reveal your suspected disorder or its risk of manifesting.​


Aid in structuring the most beneficial treatment plan.​


Lead to a higher capacity for making informed medical decisions.​

Our Services

A high accuracy standard

Steps Accuracy
DNA sequencing 99.9%
Variant calling – SNP >99%*#
Variant calling – Indel >99%*#

* Passed GenQA/UK NEQAS external quality assurance

# The interpretation of sequencing variants is based on the current understanding of the variants at the time it was observed, which may change over time as more information about the genes becomes available. Not all variants are represented in this report.

Service Availability

Please note that clients should always consult their doctors concerning the products / services they need, as well as medical actions on any relevant test results.

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