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You can order here or contact your clinician for more information.

CoGenesis™ results will be available within 30 business days after receiving patient samples.

Once your order has been shipped out, we will send you a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking number. You can also check the status of the analysis process on our sign-in page.

CoGenesis™ provides you an additional information when selecting drug treatments and dosages. We match the information about your genes to a list of medications that may improve your treatment options. The report provides information about which medications may response best on you. Also, alert you on the selection of medications that may have harmful effect on you.

Anyone may order CoGenesis™ as a service program. It is highly recommended for patient who is taking multiple medication, experienced adverse drug reaction or taking medication under FDA requirement/ under CPIC drug list. Anyone will only require to test once as genes won’t change throughout our lifetime.

Our drug-gene test, CoGenesis™, is designed to be a reliable self-collect and non-invasive test. The collection process is painless, simple and quick.