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About Codex’s Genetic Tests

How accurate is Codex’s test?

Two potential areas affect test accuracy – data accuracy from DNA sequencing and credibility of data analysis.

After getting a qualified testing sample, laboratory technicians would go through DNA extraction and library preparation procedures. After that, it will be the DNA sequencing process with a DNA Sequencer. The process requires professional technology supports from laboratory technicians. Once the sample passes to the DNA sequencing process, it is required to pass certain standards before entering the data analysis process.

Even if the DNA sequencing process is handled properly, the data analysis process plays an important role in determining the accuracy of genetic testing. Bioinformaticians arrange the DNA sequence for DNA alignment, following up with variant calling. Afterwards, bioinformaticians would assign functional information to DNA variants for variant annotation. It is to find out the relationship between identifies mutations and diseases.

All manual, equipment, and technology factors should be considered when keeping a high accuracy of genetic testing. For more information about the accuracy of genetic testing, please visit “Is your genetic testing accurate? Understanding the accuracy of genetic testing”.

Codex passed the Genomics Quality Assessment (GenQA) External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) to demonstrate a high accuracy standard. The accuracy of each step is summarized below.

Steps Accuracy
DNA sequencing 99.9%
Variant calling – SNP >99%*#
Variant calling – Indel >99%*#

* Passed GenQA/UK NEQAS external quality assurance

# The interpretation of sequencing variants is based on the current understanding of the variants at the time it was observed, which may change over time as more information about the genes becomes available. Not all variants are represented in this report.

What are the test options in Codex?

Codex’s genetic testing services cover various purposes and disease types. For example, diagnostic/carrier tests for rare neurological disease, congenital heart disease or eye disease, predictive tests for hereditary cancer risk, pharmacogenomics tests for personalized medication recommendations, and even tests for matching cancer targeted treatments.

If you cannot find what you need on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for special requests.

Is Codex a registered medical laboratory in Hong Kong?

Following the Supplementary Medical Professions Ordinance, Codex Genetics Limited has been included in the "List of Companies Carrying on the Business of Practising the Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) Profession" by the Medical Laboratory Technologists Board, and has professional qualifications to engage in related businesses. (Please refer to item 121 on the list)

Sample Collection

Will test accuracy be affected when using a saliva sample instead of a blood sample?

No. Saliva is a reliable source of DNA. The source of DNA in saliva is from the buccal epithelial cells on the liner linings of the mouth and white blood cells. With an expected DNA yield, saliva samples can be as accurate as blood samples.

What should I be aware of before collecting samples?
Please do not eat, drink (including water), smoke or chew gum 30 minutes before giving your saliva sample. Also, do not remove the plastic film on the funnel lid by yourself.
How do I collect saliva samples?

Step 1: Activate your DNA collection kit on our online platform. You will need the unique barcode on the saliva collection tube.

Step 2: Provide your sample by spitting it into the funnel until the amount of liquid saliva (excluding bubbles) reaches the fill line.

Step 3: Hold the tube upright with one hand. Close the funnel lid with the other hand by firmly pushing the lid until you hear a loud click. The liquid in the lid will be released into the tube to mix with the saliva. Make sure that the lid is close tightly.

Step 4: Hold the tube upright. Unscrew the funnel from the tube.

Step 5: Use the small blue cap to close the tube tightly.

Step 6: Make sure you shake upside down the capped tube for 5 seconds. Discard the funnel.

Step 7: Place the tube into the biological seal bag provided. Seal by peeling off the blue liner and pressing down on the glue line.

Step 8: Place the sealed bag in the carton box. Please follow the instructions in our email to ship the kit back to us.

How do I return saliva samples? (Hong Kong only)

The collected sample should be placed in the biological sealed bag and carton box provided. You are recommended to return the sample by SF express to the following address:

Codex Genetics Limited

Unit 220, 2/F, Building 16W,

No. 16 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park,

Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

I have trouble collecting saliva, what should I do?
You may not be able to collect enough saliva due to various reasons. For example, infants being tested are too young to spit saliva into the funnel by themselves. Please do not hesitate to contact us for alternative solutions.
Where is my sample being analyzed?

Your sample will be analyzed in Codex’s internal laboratory located in Hong Kong Science Park.

Test Ordering

How do I order my test kits?

You can place your order on our online platform. After sign in/ sign up for an account in Codex’s online platform, please select “Order Now”. Then, choose the test you would like to order and continue to the payment step. A test kit will be mailed to your shipping address within 1-2 working days via SF express.

Can I order a kit for someone else?

Yes, you can order a kit for someone else, for example, families, friends, or patients of yours. But please make sure the personal information (i.e. name and date of birth of the individual being tested) on the saliva sample collection tube matches the information you provided on the activation step.

Test Reports

When will my result be ready?

It depends on the types of tests you ordered. Please see the table below.

Test ordered Turnaround time
Neurological Disease Tests
CoGenesis® Neuro (Adult-onset) 4-6 weeks
CoGenesis® Neuro (Childhood-onset) 4-6 weeks
CoGenesis® Neuro (Complete version) 4-6 weeks
CoGenesis® Myopathy 4-6 weeks
SCA 1,2,3,6,7 repeat expansion panel 4 weeks
Individual test for SCA repeat expansion 1/2/3/6/7 panel 2 weeks
CoGeneisis® AD 4 weeks
APOE test 2 weeks
Hereditary Cancer Tests
CoGenesis® BRCA-Pro 4-6 weeks
CoGenesis® Gastric 4-6 weeks
CoGenesis® Prostate 4-6 weeks
CoGenesis® Colo 4-6 weeks
Drug Response Tests
CoGenesis® Cardio-Haema 4-6 weeks
CoGenesis® Psychiatry 4-6 weeks
Congenital Cardiovascular Disease Tests
CoGenesis® CVD 4-6 weeks
Inherited Eye Disease Tests
Retinitis Pigmentosa Panel 4-6 weeks
How do I track my report status?

You can track your report status by login into our online platform.

How do I access my report?

You can access your report by login into our online platform when it is ready.

I don’t understand the report content, what should I do?

The format of Codex’s test report is designed for medical professionals’ interpretations. It is normal if you find it difficult to understand. We strongly advise you to talk to your doctor regarding the genetic information disclosed in the testing results. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional before making decisions about medical conditions or before starting and stopping any prescribed treatment.

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