CoGenesis® Bioinformatics

One size doesn’t fit all

Our bioinformatics platform is a comprehensive software tool used for the analysis and interpretation of biological data. Being a cloud-based analytics service, our platform combines genetic test results with clinical, radiological and even real-world evidence to deliver actionable clinical insights to clinicians, researchers and clients alike. Through the integration of research, pharmacogenomics databases, and more, we present to you a dashboard that enables you to promptly explore the features of diseases in real-time.
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Customized bioinformatics support services

CoGenesis® Bioinformatics is a hybrid cloud solution. By using scalable cloud technologies, the computational time and query performance of complex biological queries can be improved by 70%. Sensitive clinical data is protected using secure on-premises servers.

Clinical Portal

An End-to-end solution for clinicians: Integration of disease genomics, clinical interpretation and real-world evidence, ultimately speeding up the diagnostic process.

Showcase Clinical Portal

Research Portal

Hundreds of databases are connected to the portal, providing an all-in-one solution for understanding population genomics, functional impact, genomic variations, gene expression, epigenetic annotations, clinical information, and drug information.

Showcase Research Portal

Clinical Portal

bioinformatics-protein structure

Virtual Gene Panels

Supports filtering of variants using virtual gene panels.

RD-connect and Monarch Initiative

Connecting international patient registries.

Interconnectivity with ePR/ CMS

Connects our solutions with encrypted data dumps from clinical management systems.

Clinical data capture system

Easily employed for data analysis, aggregation and retrieval while matching the data format of FHIR standard.

Interactive variant annotating, querying, filtering, validating and reporting forclinical decision support

Provides real-time annotating and filtering against hundreds of biological, clinical, functional impacts, population genetics, and research databases.

Application of AI, machine learning and big datato variant calling, association and curation

Combines informative clinical, demographic and genetic features to extrapolate likely clinical treatment outcomes through AI and machine learning.

DatabasE of genomiC varIation and Phenotype in Humans using Ensembl Resources (DECIPHER)

Incorporates a suite of clinical decision support tools designed to aid the interpretation of genomic variants.

Research Portal

BigData Dashboard

Each piece of summarised statistical information can be drilled down for detail as listing and conveniently output as a report.

Genome aggregation dashboard

Delivers de-identified and anonymized genomic and health data to researchers via an interactive dashboard.

Charging and billing module

Provides purchasing flexibility where researchers can pay-as-they-go or make a one-time purchase of larger quantities at a lower price point for high-throughput data analysis applications.