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Codex Genetics

Similar yet different, the 0.1% variation in our DNA shapes who we are. Our clinically actionable genetic tests reveal the importance of those differences.


Medical doctors & counsellors

Refining clinical diagnoses and personalizing treatments for patients


Patients & families

Expediting diagnostic time and tailoring disease management solutions


Clinical Institutions

Empowering the clinical laboratory with Next-Generation Sequencing technology through CoGenesis™ Bioinformatics solution


CoGenesis™ Drug response

  • Unraveling the genetic landscape of FDA approved drug response genetic markers
  • Covers 20 neurological, psychiatrical, cardiological and hematological treatments
  • Proactive management of adverse drug effects and drug effectiveness
  • Shortening recovery time by minimizing the trial-and-error process
  • Reducing overall healthcare costs
  • Providing precise treatment options
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CoGenesis™ Neuro

  • One-of-a-kind genetic screening service for hereditary and rare neurodegenerative diseases
  • Unraveling the genetic landscape of 462 important genes that are associated with 199 neurodegenerative disorders
  • Drastically reducing the time for diagnosis
  • Early detection of susceptible diseases
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CoGenesis™ Cancer

  • Complete profiling of 981 cancer related genes
  • Covers 17 cancer types including breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer
  • Fast screening for 18 types of FDA approved or experimental targeted cancer therapies
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CoGenesis™ Bioinformatic Solution

  • Advanced hybrid cloud-based infrastructure for data repository and portal
  • Fostering e-HR/genomic data sharing & analysis across institutes/hospitals
  • Custom-made bioinformatics solution to cater specific clinical/research purposes
  • Currently servicing multiple diagnostic laboratories and hospitals in HK

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