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The 0.1% variation in our DNA shapes who we are as individuals. For those who wish to understand how this variation affects their health and family, we offer genetic testing with one-stop precision medicine solutions.

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End-to-end solutions to enable precision medicine

Codex Genetics drives development of precision medicine through AI-powered analytics. We provide holistic, clinically actionable disease management solutions for patients.


Reveal your suspected disorder or its risk of manifesting.


Aid in structuring the most beneficial treatment plan.


Lead to a higher capacity for making informed medical decisions.

Genetic Testing Services

Our CoGenesis® genetic testing technology accelerates neurodegenerative diseases diagnostic processes, helps cancer treatment, disease management, and provides pharmacogenetics advice.
If you are experiencing symptoms or have a family history of a genetic disease, our tests can identify the root cause of the disease and provide the best targeted treatment plan according to individual genetic variance.

Our Genetic Screening Services

Are Powered by the Illumina NextSeq 2000 System

Codex’s CoGenesis® platform leverages machine learning and big data analytics to power our variant discovery and clinical reporting engines.
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Professional solutions

Our CoGenesis® Bioinformatics platform is a comprehensive software tool which facilitates accurate and efficient analysis and interpretation of biological data. Our platform translates sizeable genetic data, combined with clinical and radiological data, into actionable clinical insights, creating a valuable ecosystem for universities, clinical trial centers, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals alike. Users can freely explore the features of neurodegenerative diseases and cancers through our dashboard.
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We are proud to partner with and serve leading research hospitals in Hong Kong, who are already experiencing the advantages of CoGenesis® Bioinformatics.

“When it comes to diagnosing rare diseases - especially neurodegenerative conditions - our testing has yielded positive results for over 40% of patients.”

Aldrin Yim, Co-founder of Codex Genetics

Have Questions?

What is precision medicine?

Rather than one-medication-fits-all, precision medicine practitioners design specific disease treatments, management and prevention strategies based on high-resolution genetic and clinical data, such as genetic variations and imaging data. With decades of experience, Codex’s team has been working relentlessly with doctors and researchers in identifying diseases and providing personalized treatment solutions for patients.

Why is genetic testing important?

Genetic testing is pivotal in detecting and managing genetic disorders and diseases, there are four areas that are particularly useful.

  1. Diagnostic testing: To verify or to rule out whether you are carrying a specific genetic disorder.
  2. Disease Carrier testing: Determine the risk of passing a genetic condition to your child, even if you do not have the condition yourself.
  3. Pharmacogenetics: For patients with chronic diseases, genetic test can identify the best treatment plan for you, including the most effective and beneficial medication and dosage.
  4. Pre-symptomatic and predictive testing: if you have a family history of a genetic condition, genetic testing prior to you displaying symptoms may show if you possess the risk of developing the genetic disorder, which will aid with early planning and treatment to combat it if it does manifest later on.
Why choose Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)?

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) can be used to analyze DNA and RNA samples and holds many advantages over other microarray methods. Importantly, with NGS, an entire human genome can be sequenced within a single day; contrastingly, the previous Sanger sequencing technology required over a decade to deliver similar results. This means our clients, using NGS, can enjoy our genetic testing results at a much faster pace compared to alternative methods of genetic testing; as widely understood, time is crucial in the context of genetic diseases as the sooner a diagnosis, the sooner and more effective a treatment. Professionals will also acknowledge that NGS boasts a higher dynamic range of signal, requires less DNA/RNA as input, does not require a priori knowledge of the genome or genomic features, and has higher reproducibility compared to other variants. Overall, NGS thus possesses better throughput, scalability, and speed than its respective counterparts, making its use a worthwhile decision and investment.

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