There’s a story behind every number

The 0.1% variation in our DNA shapes who we are as individuals. By harnessing the power of genetic testing and AI-powered analytics, we seek to understand what that means for those with complex diseases, including cancers and neurological disorders.

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What we do

Unravelling genetic uniqueness

No one should be defined by their condition, and everyone deserves quality of life. We diagnose and manage rare diseases, personalise treatments and optimise recoveries.

Reveal genetic history

We help people with a family history of inherited diseases to understand more about their genetic risks and potential treatments.

Find a diagnosis

People with rare neurological diseases can spend up to 10 years seeking a diagnosis. Genetic testing helps shorten the diagnosis period and lower the costs.

Intervene early

For people who require treatment, we help identify the most effective medical intervention as early as possible.

CoGenesis® Cancer

Uncovering the cause of cancer

CoGenesis® Cancer is an all-in-one genetic test that can help identify genetic mutations associated with 17 types of cancer. Delivering rapid results, a cost-effective solution, enhanced patient privacy and a Chinese-centric genomics database, CoGenesis® Cancer allows cancer patients, or those at risk of hereditary cancers, to access tailored therapies and reduce recovery times.
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CoGenesis® Neuro

Removing barriers to neuro-degenerative disease diagnosis

Combined with next-generation sequencing, the CoGenesis® Neuro panel helps to refine diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions, providing an accurate profile within just six weeks.
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CoGenesis® Drug Response

More precise medication based on pharma-cogenomics

Due to our genetic differences, each of us responds differently to the same drug. The CoGenesis® Drug Response Test helps find effective medication and the optimal dosage for you as an individual.
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CoGenesis® for medical professionals

Go above and beyond

Healthcare professionals have a duty to provide the very best care. We partner with clinicians to make CoGenesis® testing available for their patients. Together we optimise diagnoses and treatments like never before.
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Our Partners

Every partnership makes a difference

We’re proud to partner with and serve leading research hospitals in Hong Kong, who are already experiencing the advantages of CoGenesis® Bioinformatics.

Customers of ZA Insure can now enjoy FREE Codex CoGenesis® BRCA screening

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Codex products are now available through Hong Kong Health Check (HKHC)

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“When it comes to diagnosing rare diseases - especially neurodegenerative conditions - our testing has yielded positive results for over 40% of patients.”

Aldrin Yim, Co-founder, Codex Genetics