Common Patient Questions

What are the uses of genetics testing?

Genetic testing can be used to identify risks of diseases such as cancers, neurodegenerative diseases. Genetic testing can also help patient to choose appropriate treatments, or to assess responses to treatments.

How does genetic testing identify diseases risks?

Diseases such as cancers and neurodegenerative diseases can be identified by genetic testing. A gene mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence. Some mutations may cause the cell working improperly and can cause diseases such as cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

How do genes influence your best therapy outcomes?

Genetic makeup can determine how we absorb, metabolise, and respond to different drugs, which impacts their effectiveness. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach to prescribing medications, pharmacogenomics uses information about an individual’s genetic makeup to identify more effective medications.

What is a drug response test?

CoGenesis® Drug Response Test provides clinically actionable genetic insights for drugs with validated pharmacogenomic information on a person’s genetic makeup, and allows a medical professional to choose the right drugs and the right dose that may work best for a particular individual.

How does genetic testing work?

After receiving the saliva sample from you, an accredited laboratory will process the sample and retrieve your DNA information by a rapid and accurate sequencing platform. The DNA information platform is tailored design for east Asian region by Codex Genetics. You can receive the test result directly from a secure website, a mobile application, and a hardcopy report.  Your pharmacists and/or clinicians can interpret the results with the you.

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