CoGenesis® Metagenomics

Helps diagnose infections and optimizes treatment strategies

CoGenesis® Metagenomics uses whole-genome shotgun sequencing to profile microbial DNA, which helps clinicians diagnose infections and optimize treatment strategies. Our comprehensive database covers 31,905 pathogen species, with a total database size of over 100GB. Through the antimicrobial resistance genes analysis, a more personalized treatment plan can be provided for patients and ultimately lead to improved recovery rate of the patient.
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What is Metagenomics?

Metagenomics is the genomic analysis of a microbial community in an environmental sample. It can be applied in clinical and environmental microbiology, and many other fields.

What is the Clinical Application of Metagenomics?

Clinical metagenomics helps clinicians identify pathogens, including bacteria, plasmid, virus, etc., from patients’ samples and guide treatment strategies for patients with infections.

Figure 1—Excerpt of pathogen detection report

Figure 2—Example of antimicrobial resistance gene

Target of Service

Patients with infection that cannot be cultured using traditional methods
Patients with uncertain or unknown infections
Second-line comprehensive screening of pathogens
Clinicians who want to personalize antimicrobial treatments

Pathogens covered

  • Archaea
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Plasmid
  • Protozoa
  • Small eukaryotic pathogens
  • Virus

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