CoGenesis® Gastric

Hereditary gastric cancer test

CoGenesis® Gastric is a 9-gene test for hereditary gastric cancers. It includes genes linked to a higher chance of developing gastric cancer: CDH1, BMPR1A, EPCAM, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2, SMAD4, STK11 genes. It helps you to understand your risk level of developing gastric cancer throughout your lifetime.
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About hereditary gastric cancer

About 2% to 5% of gastric cancers are hereditary. 1

If you have 1 close relative with gastric cancer, your chance of getting gastric cancer is 3 times higher than the general population. 2

If you have tested positive for a gastric cancer gene mutation, it does not mean you definitely will have gastric cancer. However, your chance of getting gastric cancer will be higher than the general population.

What can you do if you belong to the high-risk population?

  • Start gastric cancer screening tests as soon as possible
  • Screen for gastric cancer more frequently
  • Closely watch out for any gastric cancer symptoms
  • Learn about options that reduce gastric cancer risk

The survival rate of gastric cancer be increased two-fold by early diagnosis.

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A high accuracy standard

Steps Accuracy
DNA sequencing 99.9%
Variant calling – SNP >99%*#
Variant calling – Indel >99%*#

* Passed GenQA/UK NEQAS external quality assurance

# The interpretation of sequencing variants is based on the current understanding of the variants at the time it was observed, which may change over time as more information about the genes becomes available. Not all variants are represented in this report.


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